As a challenge to develop my design skills, I wanted to take on redesigning the covers of some well known novels. When recalling a novel, one of the first things that come to mind is the cover design. Paired with the scent of bounded pages and the mass of the book, one not only has an affinity to the story, but the imagery that comes along with it. Being a self-proclaimed book hoarder, I always find new books primarily based on what catches my eye to even pick it up in the first place. That concept in and of itself always fascinated me!


My goal is to design compelling covers based solely on the summary of the books. The challenge here is to create something impactful and intelligent using limited knowledge of the novels themselves.


To be successful at this, I had to study popular novels and their covers. I also conducted research on well known cover designers such as Peter Mendelsund, Joan Wong, and various others. This gave me a grasp of the mindset needed when approaching cover design as well as getting ideas and methods to putting it all together.


by Haruki Murakami